The Hudson Valley’s Premier Commercial and Residential Real Estate Firm

McGrath Realty Inc. is the Hudson Valley’s premier commercial brokerage firm, specializing in traditional sales and leasing of office, retail, commercial, industrial and land development properties.

Our Residential Agents are amongst the top producing in Hudson Valley for over the past 30 Years. We have a team of Associate Brokers, Managing Agents and Licensed Salespersons that have a thorough knowledge of our market area and provide an unprecedented level of client support, care and expertise.

McGrath Realty Inc. offers services beyond Commercial and Residential Brokerage. We have a long standing property management team which manages more than 90 properties in the Hudson Valley.

Why Choose Us?

The real estate sector requires a great deal of time and expertise across all of its niches. With this tasking requirement, finding the right realty firm to manage your property and provide brokerage services for you is the most important step. McGrath Realty Inc. brings you the best brokerage services with the perfect combination of professional agents, dedicated sales persons and experienced brokers. Our combined professionalism and years of experience brings you the best deals on brokerage, acquisition, leasing and financial advice across all of our services. Our active participation in the real estate market allows you to get top notch insight into what we provide and this has dedication to service has been one of our founding principles that has established us as an industry leader in the real estate market.

Our portfolio consists of a long list of clients for whom we have undertaken several real estate managerial tasks and full control of properties and you can be rest assured that our dedicated team of professional will always be on board to bring you the best service. We are specialised and able to handle all facets of the business and we can provide you with all of the knowledge your need about your property in order to reposition it properly for the market. Our commercial and residential real estate plans enables you to set up your property better in the market and get the best return possible and we will always make that happen.

Not only is our brokerage and managerial services the best you can get, we have a tradition of repositioning all assets in order to secure the best deals for all of our clients and this quality is the number one guarantee that you get with us. With the name we have established as industry leaders, we help you connect by providing a strong catalogue for people looking to acquire properties for sale or lease nationwide thereby giving you an even better chance of finding the right party for your property.

At McGrath Realty Inc, we never go back on our word and we utilize the advantage of having a strong team of agents, consultants, and brokers to get the job done!